Sunday, July 4, 2021


2soul Solution\'s - Thnik For You
2soul Solution\'s, Andradez - Sweet Love
070 Shake - Guilty Conscience (Zookëper Remix)
324AM - Baby
Adelphi Music Factory - Jive Turkey (Club Mix)
Adelphi Music Factory - Jive Turkey (Original Mix)
Adelphi Music Factory - Rejoice With Me (I Need You) (Club Mix)
Adelphi Music Factory - Rejoice With Me (I Need You) (Original Mix)
Adelphi Music Factory - Sample Seduction (Club Mix)
Adelphi Music Factory - Sample Seduction (Original Mix)
Afro Image Band - A Sexy Voyage
After The Tide - Chocolate Cream
After The Tide, Alex Gomez - Believe
After The Tide, Live For Love - Freedom
After The Tide, Richard Goez - Home
AINZ, Fran Deeper, Slync - Rare Room (From Beyond Remix)
AINZ, Fran Deeper, Slync - Rare Room (Rayko Remix)
AINZ, Fran Deeper, Slync - Rare Room
Ale Castro - Waiffv (Original Mix)
Aleito - Nurse Hermosin (Midwife\'s Love Mix)
Alejandro Peñaloza - Voce (Extended Mix)
Aless Vanco - Feelings (Extended Mix)
Alex Gomez - Elements
Alex Gomez - Look Out
Alex Gomez - The World
Alex Medina, Alani - Love Betrayed (Original Mix)
Alex Zapata - All Alone (Extended Mix)
Alexandre Allegretti, Riccii - You Want Me (Original mix)
Alf-G - Tumcatum
Andradez - Drop Out
Andy Craig, Lisa Moorish - Mr Friday Night (UMAI Radio Cut)
Andy Mate - IU
Ante Perry - Beach Power (Larse Remix)
Anton Ishutin, Denis Agamirov - Blade (Original Mix)
Antonello Ferrari, Aldo Bergamasco, Sophia Baker - Something Special (Ferrari & Bergamasco Club Mix)
Arabian Panther - Garonne Express (Original Mix)
AREA21 - La La La (Original Mix)
Aubrey - Trouser Snake (Original Mix)
Augmented Soul & Kholi - FXCK Our Enemies (radio-edit)
AWKD - I Got You (Extended Mix)
Ax & Ex - I Found You All Night (MuSols 21st Century Mix)
BabyGirl - Get Ya Boy (Larse Vocal Mix)
Back Is Beautifull - Ciudad Palmera
Back Is Beautifull - Falling In Love
Back Is Beautifull - Tandala
Bemac - On & On (Extended Mix)
Ben Rainey, Caleb Laurenson - Love We Had (Extended Mix)
Berin - Midnight Drive (Original Mix)
Besomorph - Crush (Extended Mix)
BiEFFE - Way More Time (Original Mix)
Blind Delon - Embrouille solide (Original Mix)
Blizzard Beats & Keisha Hall & Joseph Davis - All My Life (Blizzard Beats deep fusion mix)
Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa - You Got the Chance (Dance) (Original Mix)
Block Street Sound - The Bull Theme
Bolier, Joe Stone - Keep This Fire Burning (Voost Extended Remix)
BORSHH - Zulu (Extended Mix)
Boys\' Shorts - Looking (Justin Cudmore Remix)
Brascon - Lose (feat Johanson)
Brokenears - Survival (Original Mix)
Brokenears - Watergate (Original Mix)
Brothers In House - House
Bs As Deep - Deep Inside (Original Mix)
Bs As Deep - Hello Mr Dj (Original Mix)
Bs As Deep - Traxx Express (Original Mix)
Butterfly Soul - Love Theme
Cable Cat - Dont Mind (Original Mix)
Carlos Benedetti - Cut Off
Carlos Benedetti - Hooked
Carlos Benedetti - Hot Wave
Carlos Benedetti - I Can Feel Love
Chemical Disco, Zerky - Ready Or Not (Original mix)
Chris Sterio, Alberto Sainz - On the Way Back (Dio S Remix)
Chunkee - See the Light (Extended Mix)
Coco Cool - Hear This Music
Colau - Girl I Cried
Colle - ATFER (Musumeci Remix)
Comfort Deep - Embrace
Corporal Moore - SlowMo (Radio Edit)
Cosmonection, Calmos & Berzingue - Atmosphere (Original Mix)
Crazibiza - Cali Soul (Tommyboy Remix)
Crazibiza - Desert Storm (Radio Mix)
Criss Korey - 3 AM (Deez Raw Life Mix)
Criss Korey - 3 AM (Original Mix)
Cutting Pattern - Feel The Real
Cutting Pattern - In The Club
Cutting Pattern - Space Jump
Cutting Pattern, 2soul Solutions - All I Need
D.O.D - All Mine (Extended Mix)
D.O.D - Every Step (Extended Mix)
Daitshi - Alright feat Marck (Original Mix)
Dampe - Pash (Original Mix)
Dampe - Sleet (Original Mix)
Dampe - Stave Hill (Original Mix)
Dampe, Narotam Horn - The River (Original Mix)
Dan Laino - Hot (Jackman Jones Remix)
Dan Laino - Hot (Original Mix)
Dan Laino - Hot (SMHRS Remix)
Daniel Costa, Gui Santos - Disco Lights (Elijah Collins Remix)
Darius & Finlay x KYANU x NICCO - Do It All Night (Extended Mix)
Darren Studholme - Back In Love (Nu Bossa Radio Mix)
Darren Studholme - Brighter Day (Anarita Soul Radio Mix)
Darren Studholme - Burn Me Up (Deep Groove Radio Mix)
Darren Studholme - Decided On Love (Deep Groove Radio Mix)
Darren Studholme - Feel Like Music (Deep Soul Radio Mix)
Darren Studholme - Feeling Good (Feel Good Radio Mix)
Darren Studholme - Get Away (Deep Groove Radio Mix)
Darren Studholme - Its Left Its Mark (Deep Groove Radio Mix)
Darren Studholme - Love So Sweet (Deep Groove Radio Mix)
Darren Studholme - Miles Apart (Deep Soul Groove Radio Mix)
Darren Studholme - Out In The Cold (Summer Groove Radio Mix)
Darren Studholme - Over The Moon (Deep Groove Radio Mix)
Darren Studholme - Reach The Shore (Deep Groove Radio Mix)
Darren Studholme - Right From The Start (Deep Groove Radio Mix)
Darren Studholme - Welcome Home (Deep Groove Radio Mix)
Daryl Hall & John Oates - I Can\'t Go for That (No Can Do) (Nicolaas Remix)
Dave Mayer, Tom Chubb - Forever (Spiritchaser\'s Extended Dub For Love)
Dave Summit - Satellite (Extended Mix)
Davide Inserra - House in My Heart
Dawn Gab - Between Us (Original Mix)
DAXBJ - High (Extended Mix)
Deep Chills, IVIE - Run Free (Original Mix)
Deepierro, ZHIKO, Farukki - Wild Wolves (Extended)
Denis First, Bryant Powell - Kissing Me (Original Mix)
Derek Carr - Shining Through (Original Mix)
Digable Funk - Vacaciones en El Mar
Dimi Jazzmon & Tantra Zawadi - Let\'s Talk About It (Ezio Centanni & Enea DJ remix)
Diplo, Petit Biscuit - Pick Your Battles (VIP Mix)
Disco Gurls, The Soul Gang - From Desire (Extended Mix)
Disco Incorporated - Fire Groove (Nu Disco Mix)
Disco Incorporated - Tamboriles (Nu Disco Mix)
Disco Secret - Shine on me
Disk Nation - 2Groove (Original Mix)
Diver City - Let\'s Get I\'ll (Extended Mix)
DJ Antoine, Deep Vice - When You Want Some Love (Jerome Extended Edit)
Dj Sa Correia - Don\'t Waste Your Time (Instrumental)
Dj Sa Correia - Don\'t Waste Your Time (Original Mix)
Dompe - Polar (Original Mix)
Ejeca - Flatline (Extended Mix)
End Of Twins - Lovers (Original Mix)
ERROR508 - Thc Test Got My Driving License (Original Mix)
Etienne Ozborne - Billie (Original Mix)
Euphoe & Vorn & Mr Bugaso - Closer To Me
Fatum - Stream Starting Soon (Original Mix)
Federico Gardenghi - Hold Me feat The Melody Men (Extended Mix)
Finnebassen - You\'re not cool enough (Original mix)
Frank Lamboy - Love or a Good Time (Original Mix)
From Beyond - Post-Physical (JG Outsider Remix)
Gabriel Boni, Diamn - Sky (Original mix)
Galcher Lustwerk - Can\'t Believe (Dan Curtin\'s I-90 to Infinity Remix)
GhostMasters - Reach To The Party (Extended Mix)
Gilbert Le Funk - Paradise (Nite mix)
Glamii, Idle Days - My Ex\'s Best Friend (Extended Mix)
Glass Slipper - Connected (Adam Nyquist Remix)
Glen Fiasco - Jazz Corner
Gualajo - Patacore (Sabo Remix)
G-Wizard, Mohtiv - Mind on You feat Bianca (Extended Mix)
Hanns - Chemistry feat LU (Extended Mix)
Harpoon - Lost (Extended Mix)
Hedegaard, CANCUN_ - All Designer (Extended Mix)
Hrag Beko - Animation (Original Mix)
Hrag Beko - It\'s Not Over (Original Mix)
Imanol - Follow the stars
Indie Elephant - Eldorado (Original Mix)
Italo Brutalo - Detroitalo (Original Mix)
Ivan Pica - I Don\'t Care (Original Mix)
Ivan Pica - I Don\'t Care (Yam Who_ Extended Remix)
Ivan Pica - I Don\'t Care (Yam Who_ Instrumental Remix)
Jack Johnson, Milky Chance - Don\'t Let Me Down (Poolside Remix)
James Rod - Space thunders
Jean Juan - My Way feat Young Jae (Extended Mix)
Jex - 2AM (Extended Mix)
Joseph Armani, Like Father Like Son - Circus (Extended Mix)
Josh Charm, FERGO - U Got Me (Extended Mix)
Josh Grover - Be Your Shadow (Original Mix)
Julio Cruz - What Is It About U (Original Mix)
Kapibara - N-Yang (Steve Bug Remix)
Kastra - Fool For You (VIP Extended Mix)
Kendal - Banger City Drunk Ensemble (Original Mix)
Kevin McKay, DJ Mark Brickman - Comin\' Home Baby (David Penn and KPD Extended Remix)
Kevin Yost - L&I T3 (Vario Version)
Ki.Mi. - Shipping (Original Mix)
KiNK, Neville Watson - Metropole (Original Mix)
Kush Kush, VAMERO & Marmy - Cadillac (Original Mix)
La Boutique, Fed Conti - Coke & Wine (Blue Mondays Esoteric Dub)
La Boutique, Fed Conti - Coke & Wine (Chromatic Filters Remix)
Lady & Bird - Suicide Is Painless (Nicone Remix (2021 Remaster - HANDS ON Series))
Las Bibas from Vizcaya - Sky High (Big Kid Club Remix)
Las Bibas from Vizcaya - Sky High (Bruno Knauer Club Remix)
Le Gouffre - La table basse (Original Mix)
Lei - More
Leigh D Oliver - RIP
Linda - New Beginning
LIUFO - I Have Nothing (Original Mix)
Live For Love - Cala Bossa
Live For Love - Condensed
Live For Love - Funky Felling
Live For Love - Turn Around
Live For Love, After The Tide - Music
Livio Mode & Tommie Cotton - Because Of Your Love
LOD - Natural
Lodato - Kick Back Time (Extended Mix)
Low Steppa - Ricochet (Extended Mix)
Loyd James - Kinda Strange (Matt Dawson Remix)
Lucas Nord, Oliver Nelson, Moodshift, flyckt - Heartless (Harrison Extended Remix)
Lykov - Bring Me Up (Extended Mix)
Man Q - Voices
Manu Barcelo - Cocata
Marcos Rodriguez - La Playa feat Estela Martin (Fran Dc Remix)
Marie Berson, Roxelio - Take My Place (Original Mix)
Mark Armitage - It\'s Time (Original Mix)
Markyno - Funk (Alfrenk Remix)
Marnage, Federico Chimirri - I Want You (Extended Mix)
Martin Mix - Hold Me Tonight feat Treetalk (Extended Mix)
Matt Early, Lee Jeffries, Otis Corley - I Think I\'m Falling in Love (Matt Early Lockdown Mix)
Melodic T - Perfect Gentleman (Those Boys mix)
Mézigue, Mad Rey - Represent
Michael Nowak - When You Needed Me (Original Mix)
Midnight Man - Disco Majesty
Moonbootica - My Hot Dope (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
Moreno Pezzolato - Faithless (Original Mix)
Mosimann, Antoine Delvig - Mi Amor (Extended Mix)
Mrik, Uccello, Oliver Tsarkan - Poppin Bottles (Extended Mix)
Mufti - Restrained (Original Mix)
Munstac - Distante 900.000 Km (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)
Mynoorey - Like (Extended Mix)
N4C - Bugging Out (Original Mix)
Nail - Dubble Up (Original Mix)
Nail - On The Dial (Original Mix)
Nail - Them Blues (Original Mix)
Nail - Without Your Love (Original Mix)
Nano Garrido, After The Tide - Ready
Nick Morena, Lybera - Anxiety (Extended Mix)
Nicola Brusegan - Chapter Three (Original Mix)
Niko The Kid, Steve James, Loguos - Lose Control (Extended Mix)
Nora Van Elken - I Don\'t Need You (Original Mix)
Norenoise - Orchestra\'s Feeling
Orchid - Hope Synth
Pablo Bozzi - Born Toulouse (Original Mix)
Panko - Masc, what is that
Paolo Bardelli, Afo - Discontinously
Parx - Oh My (Extended Mix)
Pascal Letoublon - Feelings Undercover (Extended Mix)
Paul Kardos - Day After Day (Original Mix)
Pepo Fernandez - Boys
Piem, Richard Ulh - Other Things (feat Mizbee) (Lee Pearce Remix)
Plastico - Ghetto House (Alejandro Paz Remix)
Plastico - Maycar (Original Mix)
Pombeatz - Feel the pressure (D-groov remix)
Posij - Get Along (Original Mix)
Problem Child Ten83 - Move That Jazz Here
PS1, Alex Hosking - Life Goes On (VIP Remix - Extended Mix)
Rafael Yapudjian - Be My Love Tonight (Original Mix)
Rafael Yapudjian - Bridge Through Time (Original Mix)
Rafael Yapudjian - Fly by Night (Original Mix)
Rafael Yapudjian - Standing Tall (Original Mix)
Raffa FL - Boogie Monster (Original mix)
Rainbow Project, Live For Love - Magic World
Randall - Tig (Extended Mix)
Ravenn - Cruise Through the After Party (Original Mix)
Raymond Castoldi - In Orbit (Original Mix)
Rich Medina, Brutha Basil, Kelvin Sylvester - Worldwide (The Conversation) (Brukel Dubstrumental Mix)
Rich Medina, Brutha Basil, Kelvin Sylvester - Worldwide (The Conversation) (Brukel Instrumental Mix)
Rich Medina, Brutha Basil, Kelvin Sylvester - Worldwide (The Conversation) (Brukel Vocal Mix)
Richard Goez - Originality (After The Tide Remix)
Richard Goez - Originality (Radio Miix)
Riva Starr, Gavin Holligan - The Feeling (Honey Dijon Extended Remix)
Riva Starr, Gavin Holligan - The Feeling (Honey Dijon\'s Dub Plate Mix)
Robert Burian - Wasting My Time (Extended Mix)
Robosonic - Worst Love (Doctor Dru Remix)
Ross Couch - No More
Ross Couch - The Ride
RUKSBY - Funcks
Saavedra Funk - Chick-Etere (feat Lenni Funk) (Extended)
Sam Blacky - Paradise (Extended Mix)
Sam Collins - Andale (Extended Mix)
Samma & Maurizio Lessi - Faith (Francesco Cofano remix)
Samuele Sartini, Fedo Mora - Medicine feat Amanda Wilson (Extended Mix)
Sarge Malone - Let Your Soul Fly (Original Mix)
Shalvoy - Like It, Love It
Shermanology - Let\'s Talk About feat Tony Sherman (Original Mix)
Shermanology - Rain (Original Mix)
Silvano Del Gado, Paul Cutie - Back Home (Original Mix)
Simon Adams - Blue Shoes (Edit)
Simon Adams - Blue Shoes
Simple Symmetry - Octopus feat Гpynna Beтepok (Original Mix)
Simple Symmetry - Out of Body Experience (Original Mix)
Sir Mos & Nelisiwe - Colourful Design (Sir Mos Blossoming Love mix)
Situation - Time feat Venessa Jackson (Groovement Inc Remix)
Situation - Time feat Venessa Jackson (Limpodisco Remix)
Situation - Time feat Venessa Jackson (Mr Mulatto Remix)
Situation - Time feat Venessa Jackson (South Beach Recycling Remix)
Six Foundation - Latin Face 2021
SlickZA & Nazania - Me & My Boo
Sonny Vice, Joe Crazy - Long Nights (Extended Mix)
Stefano Pain - Don\'t You Want Me (Extended Mix)
Stefy De Cicco, RED5 - Feels Like Home (Extended Mix)
SUD, Flat Bax, Chiara King - Lick It (Extended Mix)
Swimming Places - Tahir (Original Mix)
SWS, Studio Enjoy - Tension (Extended Version)
Tentendo, Jordan Dennis - Make Me High (Original Mix)
Thaps De Producer, Mfana 414 Da Les - During Break Time
The Stoned - Deep In My Heart (Original Mix)
The Stoned - Out Of There Minds (Original Mix)
Third Exit - The Morning
Thulane Da Producer - Tales Under The Sun (Da Producer\'s Mix)
Toku Collector - Cloud
Tom Enzy, Mullally - Try to Love (Extended Mix)
Tom Enzy, Rion S - Who We Are (Extended Mix)
Tomas Castillo - Warm Up (Original Mix)
Torio - Feel This feat D. Lylez (Extended Mix)
twocolors - Bloodstream (Lost Frequencies Extended Remix)
Ugur Soygur - The Secret Buddha (Soledrifter Dub)
V.Soul & Mizz Gabzz - Taxi To You
Vania, One True God - Careless (Original Mix)
Venus In Motion & Cherry Mars - My Crown (Angel Johnson Club mix)
V-Side - Rainy Day (Original mix)
Wave Wave - Coming Down feat Marigo Bay (Robin Schulz Extended Remix)
we.amps - Hair In The Air
Woolta Gee - Gee\'s Rhythm
Zack Martino - Not Enough feat Tanya Lacey (Extended Mix)
Zombies In Miami - Disco Nostalgia (A Marvin & Guy Mix In Space)
Zombies In Miami - Frodo (Lauer Remix)
Zombies In Miami - Infinito Paraiso (Juan MacLean Remix)
Zombies In Miami - Laser Cat (Amaury Trevino Remix)
Zombies In Miami - Laser Cat (Jarle Bråthen Breaks in The 80s Remix)
Zombies In Miami - When Your Time Has Gone (Kim Ann Foxman Remix)