Sunday, January 3, 2021


9dw - Hot Shot (Man Power Remix)
A.M.R - Beginnings (Extended Mix)
Adam Husa, M O N I T O R S - Viking (Original Mix)
Adri Blok - Mister Magician (Original Mix)
Agle - Calling Back (Original Mix)
Aldo Haydar - Train Gang (Original Mix)
Alex Deeper - Una Mirada (Original Mix)
Alexander Khov - Radiowave (Man Power Remix)
Alkalino - Gives You Power (Original Mix)
Alkalino - Gonna Diss\' You (Original Mix)
Alkalino - Right On Up (Original Mix)
Alpha Dogg BG - You Are My Paradise (Escadia Remix)
Alvee, Javier Martinez - Eons (Original Mix)
Amba Shepherd - Something Beautiful (Redondo Extended Remix)
Aron Volta - Stainless (Original Mix)
Arthur Johnson - Rrheatr (Nero Rituale Mix)
Atella - Mechanical Sparrow (Man Power Remix)
Autoerotique - Count On You (Youngr Bootleg)
BBwhite - Spread The Love (Original Mix)
Becky Hill, Sigala - Wish You Well (Twin Lee Extended Mix)
Benny Bridges - Crystal Caves (Original Mix)
Benny Bridges - Moonrise (Original Mix)
Benny Bridges - Opening Doors (Original Mix)
Beppe Zoveralli - Song of the Whale
Blaque Inche - Double The Woman (Dub Mix)
Blaque Inche - Esangweni (Dub)
Blaque Inche - Esangweni
Blaque Inche - iHashi (Pere)
Blaque Inche - Unchained
Blind Delon, DJ Varsovie - Antiguos Maestros (Original Mix)
Blines - There for You feat Raene (Original Club Mix)
Blinkie - What You Want (Joe Stone Extended Remix)
Block & Crown - Promised You A Miracle feat Joff Rice (Original Mix)
Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa - In Love With Funky Music (Club Mix)
Block & Crown, Paul Parsons - DJ Bring That Back (Original Mix)
Block & Crown, Paul Parsons - Let the Music Take You (Club Mix)
Block & Crown, Paul Parsons - You Don\'t Stop (Club Mix)
Bloodlike - Don\'t You Listen (Extended Mix)
Boy In Nature, Plipfig - Rhythm Vine (Extended Mix)
Brrak - Appetite For Love (BBwhite Remix)
Brrak - Appetite For Love (Original Mix)
Bryan Ferry - Midnight Train (Man Power Remix)
Buder Prince, Norah Jones - Healing (El Capino\'s Heavy Extract)
Bushwacka! - Time for Change (Kerfuffle Mix)
Calmos & Berzingue - Jazzy Keys (Cosmonection & ASP Remix)
Calmos & Berzingue - Jazzy Keys (Original Mix)
Calmos & Berzingue - La lisiere (Original Mix)
Camou Flanger - The Sneak
Chemical Surf, Ghabe, Theff - Interestelar (Original Mix)
CN Williams - Feeeel\'s
Cultural Blending - Passion (Dafunky Remix)
Cultural Vibe - Ma Foom Bey (Michael Gray Remix)
D.J. Pierre - Move Your Body (Extended Version)
Da Kine - Ganja Mist Part 2 (Original Mix)
Da Kine - Just the way i feel (Original Mix)
Da Kine - Samoa (Original Mix)
Dankless, DĒKOD - Let\'s Dance (Extended Mix)
Danny Goliger - #15 (Original Mix)
Danny Goliger - Day Late (Original Mix)
Danny Goliger - Further Along (Original Mix)
Darius & Finlay - Leo Ni Leo (MOTi Extended Remix)
Dash Berlin - Wild At Heart (LEMA Remix)
David Bailey - Rapture (Dub)
DC Salas - Exquisite Chaos (Original Mix)
Deadbeat - Friends & Family Dub (Original Mix)
Delano Smith - Change Is Coming (Original Mix)
Delano Smith - Trying Times (Original Mix)
Did Virgo - Perpetual Motion (Franz Scala Remix)
Did Virgo - Perpetual Motion (Original Mix)
Dirty Doering - Magnum (Extended Mix)
Disco Feelings - Ramona (Original Mix)
Disco Incorporated - Hot Mamma (Shakin Bass Mix)
Disco Mortale - Love Trax (Did Virgo Remix)
DJ City, Shero - The Universe Of Love (Original Mix)
DJ Dan, Mike Balance - Stereophonic (Original Mix)
DJ Katta, Yan Kings, Matt Petrone - You\'re Not Alone (Extended Mix)
DJ Katta, Yan Kings, Matt Petrone - You\'re Not Alone (K.Y.M Mix)
DJ Rocca, Daniele Baldelli - Pink Ghost (Man Power Remix)
DJ Vianu - Something More Than This (Original Mix)
DJ Wady - Desires (Bruce Banner Vocal Mix)
Djedjotronic - The End (Original Mix)
Donald Glaude - Oh Yeah (Main Mix)
Dr Gabbo, JAOV - Secret Lover (Original Mix)
Elbee Bad - Copper Color Ppl (Been Lying) (Original Mix)
Elgone - Everest (Funkapheric Mix)
Elgone - Everest (Original Mix)
Elgone - Everest (Wilson Costa Remix)
Eric K., Ali Bakgor - Show Me Love (Original Club Mix)
Ezirk - Catsuits (Original Mix)
Fabrikate - All Up to Love (The Holy Remix) (Extended Edit)
Fel C, Jean Deffense - Drown Me Out (anvil FX Remix)
Fel C, Jean Deffense - Drown Me Out (Entropia-Entalpia Remix)
FIVEIGHT, Freyer - Mosquito (Original Mix)
Flevans - Everything I See (Extended Mix)
Flexb - Best in Me (Extended Mix)
FoolOver - Remind Me (Luqe Remix)
Fox The Fox - Precious Little Diamond (Original Mix)
Francesco Digilio, Sifare Cover Band - Jingle Bell Rock (Original Mix)
Franck Roger - Regalade (Original Mix)
Franck Roger - What About Fun (Original Mix)
Frase, SkiiTour - Too Hot, Too Cold (SkiiTour Extended Remix)
Freqish, Stereo Monks - Let The Rhythm Sing (Original Mix)
Garage Shelter, Signal St - Closing Scene (Dizzy New Heights)
Garage Shelter, Signal St - Losing Touch (The 5Am Correlation Mix)
Garage Shelter, Signal St - Moanin\' (Tribute Edit)
Garage Shelter, Signal St - Political Content (Full Contact Mix)
Garage Shelter, Signal St - Soul 2 Soul (An Outro)
Garage Shelter, Signal St - Step in the Raw
Gem - If I\'m Honest (Luxxury Remix)
Gian Nobilee, HÄWK (IT) - Ad Block (Extended Mix)
Giorgio Moroder - From Here to Eternity (Lennox Hortale & Vermelho Remix)
Giorgio Moroder - Hot Stuff (Russ Danoff Mix)
Giorgio Moroder - I Wanna Rock You (DJ Linus Instrumental Remix)
Giorgio Moroder - On the Radio (Enne Instrumental Remix)
Giorgio Moroder, 7th District - Reach Out (Radio-Edit)
Greedo, Strngr - Up on U (Original Club Mix)
Gru - Do It Again
Gru - I Ain\'t
Gueva - India (Roliva Remix)
Hardy Heller, Alex Connors - Colourblind (Original Mix)
Hardy Heller, Alex Connors - Paris (Mihai Popoviciu Remix)
Harry Tremlett - Chicago (Original Mix)
Headman - Noise feat Douglas J McCarthy (Daniel Maloso Remix)
Hoang, Sabai - Million Days feat Claire Ridgely (Original Mix)
Hoover\'s, Almek - Format (Original Mix)
Hrederik, Marc Robblz - Self (Jay Mexx Remix)
Husky, Shyam P - Groove in Your Heart (Original Mix)
Ivan Fly Corapi - Lost In Music (Sensual Mix)
Javi Viana - Urban (Original Mix)
Javier Martinez - Alter Ego (Justine Remix)
Javier Martinez - Tundra (Alex Aguayo Remix)
Jay Mexx - Infected (Original Mix)
Jero, Neox - Take That (Original Mix)
Jex Opolis - Jexendirekt (Original Mix)
Jhon Denas - Funk To Stars (Original Mix)
Joplyn - CONNECTED (Extended Mix)
Juliaan - All Night Dancing (Ivaylo Remix)
Juliaan - All Night Dancing (Original Mix)
Juliaan - Higher Feelings (Freestyle Man Remix)
Juliaan - Higher Feelings (Original Mix)
Justin Jay - Bliss (Original Mix)
Justin Jay - Whoa Nelly (Original Mix)
Justin Jay, Danny Goliger - 31 (Original Mix)
KatyaGur - Urba (Original Mix)
Kauf - A Ruin (Man Power Remix)
Kaytranada, Lucky Daye - Look Easy (KAYTRA Extended Mix)
Kev Dot Kruz - The 332nd (Original Mix)
Kevin Yost - Dance With Me (Original Mix)
Kevin Yost - Junkie (Original Mix)
Kevin Yost - Should Of Known Better (Original Mix)
Kevin Yost - We Need It (Original Mix)
Kezokichi - Nahnah (Arthur Johnson Remix)
Kid Sublime - Left Right Dub (Original Mix)
KlevaKeys - Power Drive
Koelle - Preludium (Original Mix)
Kris Kiss, Zack Balance - Moving Mountains (Original Mix)
Kristoff MX - Boogie Dance (Original Mix)
Lan Damon - Fiesta (Extended Mix)
Lebedev (RU) - Expressive (Original Mix)
Lebedev (RU) - It\'s Not Over (Original Mix)
Lemex - Now for Break (Original Mix)
Leonidas, Hobbes - Heavy Weather (Acid Rain Mix Bootleg Version)
Leonidas, Hobbes - Heavy Weather (Acid Rain Mix)
Leonidas, Hobbes - Heavy Weather (Dawn Mix)
Leonidas, Hobbes - Web Of Intrigue (Extended Mix)
Leonidas, Hobbes - Web of Intrigue (Original Mix)
Liya Fran, Kirr - Tubudubuda (Original Mix)
Loods - Pure Bliss Meltown (Gerd Janson Dance Edit)
Lost Frequencies - Are You With Me (Christmas Mix)
Louis The Child, Quinn XCII, Chelsea Cutler - Little Things (Original Mix)
Low Ratio - Beaming (Original Mix)
M0B - I Wanna Know (Tulum Edit)
Made In Sane - Flying Circuits (Man Power Remix)
Makez - Red Island (Original Mix)
Marc Brauner - Old School (Original Mix)
Marc Roberts - 1&0 (Original Mix)
Marc Roberts - A Dust from Outta Space (Original Mix)
Marc Roberts - Foolio Paradiso (Original Mix)
Marc Roberts - Jogging Back 2 U (Original Mix)
Marcos Dermi - Appearance (Original Mix)
Mark Fill, Laurence B - Come To The Party
Mathew Ferness - Beach Trip (Original Mix)
Mathew Ferness - Evenin\' (KVRVBO Remode Mix)
Mathew Ferness - Evenin\' (Original Mix)
Mathew Ferness - Last Night (Saint-Peters Lake) (Original Mix)
Matias Sundblad - Panic in Chicago (Original Mix)
Max Marotto - Deep Forest (Extended Mix)
Melödisch - Computer Game (Original)
Mézigue - Amaroulette Russe (Original Mix)
Mézigue - Baby Yeah Han Han (Original Mix)
Mézigue - Mangeur paname (Original Mix)
Mézigue - See No B Man (Original Mix)
Mézigue - The Devil (The Version You Said No)
MF Productions - Thinking of Disco (Original Mix)
Mildlife - Vapour (A JD Twitch Remix)
MilkBoi Jnr - Bittersweet feat Emily Terran (Original Club Mix)
Mistikke - Hussle (Extended Mix)
Mouissie - Callisto (Original Mix)
Murr - This is My Life (Original Mix)
Nacho Romero - The Creators (feat Romi Hakim) (Astur Remix)
Nacho Romero - The Creators (feat Romi Hakim) (Romi Hakim Vocal Mix)
Nacho Romero - The Creators (Original Mix)
Naksy - Platinum (Jf Lee Remix.)
Nask Groove - Get Up (Original Mix)
Nicola Zucchi, Robby Ruini - Pump It (Jonk & spook Remix)
Nykoluke - Everyday
Nykoluke - Fever
Nykoluke - Scheherazade
Nykoluke - Walz of the Mouse
Omer - Dust (Man Power Remix)
Omnikid - Where Are You Now (Denis First Extended Mix)
Orbital - Lush 3 (3-1 & 3-2) (Original Mix)
Pablo Bozzi - Body Double (Original Mix)
Pansil - Fall In Love (Extended Mix)
Partiboi69 - Freaky Dreamz (feat Liam Conroy) (Original Mix)
Patrick Conway - Hypersocial (Original Mix)
Paul Jockey - Express Yourself (Original Mix)
Paul Lyons, Anthony Poteat - Together We Must (BKR Marivent Club Edit)
Paul Lyons, Anthony Poteat - Together We Must (BKR Marivent Dub Edit)
Paul Parsons - Nights In Bangkok (Original Mix)
Paul Soir, Alta Cena - Ya Move (Original Mix)
Phil Disco - Space Funky (Original Mix)
Plastik Funk, Elhaida Dani - Clean up Your Mess (Original Mix)
Promise Land - Good Guys (Extended Mix)
Raymond Castoldi - Condensation (Original Mix)
Raymond Castoldi - Cycles Of Life (Original Mix)
Ricky Razu - Alive (Original Mix)
Robin Schulz - All We Got (feat KIDDO) (Ofenbach Remix)
Robosonic, Craig G, Rah Digga - The Shining (Original Mix)
Rootkey - Bad Smell feat Kris Kiss (Original Mix)
Rosko De Soul - Chasing Stars (Original Mix)
Rosko De Soul - Chasing Stars (Radio Edit)
RQntz, Loudtech - Night Whispers (Original Mix)
Sam Von Horn - Luvless (Original Mix)
Sam Von Horn - Ophelia (Original Mix)
Sam Von Horn - track_2 (Original Mix)
Sam Von Horn, Benny Bridges - Scotty (Original Mix)
SCADTA - Chernobyl Samba (Balam Remix)
Scissors - Breathe (Extended Mix)
se_rio - Be with You (Original Mix)
Shelby Grey - Eternal (Curses Remix)
Shuski - Somebody (Original Mix)
Sid Cisse - I Never Said (Extended Mix)
Sleaford Mods - Mork n Mindy feat Billy Nomates (Original Mix)
Sofi Tukker, Charlie Barker - Good Time Girl (Benny Benassi & BB Team Remix)
Soul 96 - Go on Butterfly
Stan Kolev, Juan Mejia - Moon Strut (Tidy Daps Remix)
Stefan Gruenwald, Lookee - Wonderful Life feat Pearl Andersson (BATEZ Extended Remix)
Sugar Hill - Disco Thing (Original Mix)
Syrah - Bin Birds (Original Mix)
Syrah - Easyfeel (Original Mix)
Tar Ntsei - Life Without You (Original mix)
Taxmaster - CRO (Original Mix)
TeCay - Anything (Kohlhof Extended Mix)
TeCay - Anything (Ruesche & Goerbig Remix)
TeCay - Anything (Sossky Remix)
The Caribbean House - Pavone Nero (Daniel Monaco Remix)
TheDjLawyer - It\'s All Wrong (Original Mix)
TheDjLawyer - Like This (Original Mix)
TheDjLawyer - Set It Off (Original Mix)
THEOS. - Let Me Breathe (Original Mix)
Tom Tom Club - Love to Love You Baby (Tom Novy Radio Edit)
Tony Romera, Mokoa - Aerobic (Original Mix)
Trust SA - Elevation (Original Mix)
Trust SA - Mind Your Step (Original Mix)
Trust SA - Sillhouette (Original Mix)
Trust SA - With or Without You (Hans) (Original Mix)
Ty Dolla $ign, Lost Kings, GASHI - Oops (I\'m Sorry) (KC Lights Remix)
Urban Inc - Deep Passion
Urban Inc - Downtown
Urban Inc - Emotions
Urban Inc - Glaze Over (Vox)
Urban Inc - I\'ll Be There (Deepinit)
Urban Inc - Loosefingers
Urban Inc - Never (Ever Mix)
Urban Inc - Space Walk Jam (Vocal Mix)
Urban Inc - State of Mind
Urban Inc - The Future Is Now
Urban Inc - Urban Age
Urban Inc - Visions of You
Urban Soul Project - Come To Me (Max Giola House Mix)
Urban Soul Project - Come To Me (Max Giola Instrumental)
Urban Soul Project - Come To Me (Radio Edit)
Vanilla Ace, YCHTCLB - Two Against One (Original Mix)
VANTIZ - 95 (Extended Mix)
Velasquezz, Zaark - One Dance (Original Mix)
Vera Brothers, Sebastian G - I Feel You (Original Mix)
Vicky Montefusco - Difficult Choice (Bonnie Spacey Remix)
Vicky Montefusco - Rollin (Futuristant Remix)
Vintage Culture - Sometimes (feat Woo2tech) (Shapeless Remix)
Vitorio, Zerb, Ralk - Sunlight (Cool Keedz Extended Remix)
Volkoder, Mirla Luna - Slave Amore (Extended Mix)
Voyeur - Orchid (Original Mix)
Wez Baldwin - Ready (Original Mix)
Woolfy vs Projections - Chances Are (Man Power Remix)
WziA - Holding On (Extended Mix)
Yu Su - 233 (Original Mix)
Zimmer - Beast (Extended)
Zimmer - Techno Disco (Extended)
Zombies In Miami - This Is Not The End (Man Power Remix)