Thursday, January 9, 2020


ABICA - Broken Vow (Original Mix)
ABICA - Resurrection (Original Mix)
ABICA - What I Need (Original Mix)
Afro Carrib - The Activator (Original Mix)
Akon Kion - Faboulous
Akon Kion - Space Q
Alexny - Deixa A Tristeza (Original Mix)
Alexny - Do Sol (Original Mix)
Alexny - First Pay (Original Mix)
Alexny - Que Beleza (Original Mix)
Alexz - Funkin Crazy (Original Mix)
Alita Tamsyn - Only One (Original Mix)
Alphaled - Disco Orchestra
Alphaled - Green Screen
Alphaled - Hungry Dog
Alphaled - Ring My Beat
Alphaled - Take A Lot
AMEME - Talk To Me (Original Mix)
Andeffect - Without Roots (Original Mix)
Andor Gabriel - Uguawa (Original Mix)
Arabe - Attitude (Original Mix)
Audio Jacker - Holdin\' On (Original Mix)
Bahia de Roses - Funky Move
Bahia de Roses - I Know You Thinking Of
Bahia de Roses - Make Your Body Hot
Bahia de Roses - Steppin to It
Bahia de Roses - Your Love Is Here
Barry White - Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up (Single Version)
Big Bang Groovers - Change To Right
Braulio Silva & Mastershine - New Age
Buddynice, Ceebar - The Plug (Redemial Afrotech)
Camblom Subaria - Guilty (Original Mix)
Camblom Subaria - Python (Original Mix)
Carlostella - My Keys (Original Mix)
Cezar Vizan - Makalo (Original Mix)
Chad - Glow Attitude
Chad - Hairdresser
Chez Damier - I Never Knew Love (MK Extended Club Mix)
Chill Empire - Back To More
Chill Empire - West Side
Chill Insider - Bumpkin
Chill Insider - Cause Of Love
Chill Insider - Old Disco Club
Chill Insider - Soul Tired
Chillout Night - Mirror Ball
Christian G - Feeling Free (Original Mix)
Colour Girl - Joyrider (You\'re Playing With Fire) (Artful Dodger Edit Remix)
Compbell - Leave Me Alone
Compbell - Red Stove
Compbell - Skating Strings
Corduroy Mavericks - Hey Luva (Original Mix)
Corduroy Mavericks - Let\'s Go Back (Original Mix)
Danny Cruz - Shame (Fizzikx Remix)
Dany Cohiba - Cuba 2065
Dany Cohiba - Portimao
Dany Cohiba - The Sound of Gods
DarqKnight - Emandulo (Original mix)
DarqKnight - Matomela (Original mix)
DarqKnight, Silent Predia, Thobzer - Jonga (Original mix)
DarqKnight, Thobzer - Ingwe (Original mix)
DaWeirD - Ministry of Love (Original Mix)
Dazzle Drums - Timbero (Block Party Mix)
Dazzle Drums - Timbero (Original Mix)
Denivel Line, Kev Karter - Saga (Original Mix)
Dj Expertise, Okuhle - Love Devotion (Original Mix)
DJ ThreeJay - The Rub (Original Mix)
DJ ThreeJay - Welcome 2 Chicago (Main)
Dj Yordane - Luiza
Dump Chip - Classic Wave
Elias Kazais, Two Names - Alright (Original Mix)
Esteban de Urbina - Queen Of Love (Eric Hatez remix)
Esteban de Urbina - Queen Of Love (Original Mix)
Fabrices - Blue Day
Fabrices - Classic Key
Fabrices - Propecy
Frankie Fandango - You & I (2020 Rework)
Fred Dekker - Clubjack Deluxe (Original Mix)
Fred Dekker - Crydamoure (Original Mix)
Green Grid - Black Sunday
Green Grid - District Seven
Green Grid - Hurry Time
Green Grid - Moody Lady
Green Grid - Red Skin
Green Grid - Sky Blue
Guri Guri Boys, Josh Milan - Be Yourself (Conway Kasey Remix)
Guri Guri Boys, Josh Milan - Be Yourself (Elbert Phillips Main Vocal Remix)
Guri Guri Boys, Josh Milan - Be Yourself (Elbert Phillips MWL Radiant Reprise)
Guri Guri Boys, Josh Milan - Be Yourself (Kelvin Sylvester Extended Instrumental)
Guri Guri Boys, Josh Milan - Be Yourself (Kelvin Sylvester Extended Vocal Remix)
Hakeem Syrbram - Euge Groove, Rahsaan Patterson - Much Love (Keemix)
Hakeem Syrbram - Rahsaan Patterson - Catch When I Fall (Keemix) Mix 1
Hakeem Syrbram - Rahsaan Patterson - Catch When I Fall (Keemix) Mix 2
Hakeem Syrbram - Rahsaan Patterson - It Ain\'t Love (2K18 Keemix)
Hakeem Syrbram - Rahsaan Patterson - It\'s Alright Now (2K19 Keemix)
Hakeem Syrbram - Rahsaan Patterson - Spend The Night (Hakeem Syrbram Keemix)
Hakeem Syrbram - Rahsaan Patterson - Sure Boy (WPB Deep Soulhouse Keemix)
Hakeem Syrbram - Rahsaan Patterson - The One For Me (WPB Afro-Latin Funk Keemix)
Hard Flame - Skate
Hey Jack - Play That Beat (Original Mix)
Hight Air Machine - Happy Bit
HP Vince, Dave Leatherman - Takin\' It Easy (Extended Mix)
INECI - Dalisitee (3am Boogie Mix)
INECI - Dalisitee (Dolo Remix)
Inside Soul - Around Love
Inside Soul - Epaulettes
Inside Soul - Monday Question
Inside Soul - White Funk
Jazzmake - Wired Sleep
JedX - The Feeling (Original Mix)
Jim Rider - Belugdeh (Original Mix)
JOEL DE MARZO - Holiday (Original Mix)
Jose Vilches - Intensely (original Mix)
Junk Collective - Classic Joy
Junk Collective - English Lesson
Klash Rivera - Keep Thinking (Original Mix)
Kreative Nativez - Amaka (Original Mix)
Lady Estefan Gum - Fly Controller
Lady Estefan Gum - Kick Cloude
Lady Estefan Gum - Paint Snow
Lady Estefan Gum - Pink Game
Lady Estefan Gum - Red Waste
Lady Estefan Gum - Sunday Key
Lady Estefan Gum - Venus Line
Leiberg - Fable Five
Les Toka - Whats On Your Mind (ABICA Remix)
Lilly Randa, HyperSOUL-X - Find You (Main Mix)
Lounge Jam - Waiting For
Loungetrap - Best Funk
Loungetrap - Kick Back
Loungetrap - Plain Orchestra
Loungetrap - Sine Key
Loungetrap - Waiting TV Show
Luis Solé - Ayela (Original Mix)
Mamas Gun - This is the Day (Full Band Version)
Man Q, Ethiopian Chyld, Koki Riba - Simple (Original Mix)
Manuel Noeth - No Space (Original Mix)
Marc Brown, Kgaogelo - Let It Touch (Salvatore Oppio Remix)
Maurid - Lovin You so Good (radio edit)
Maurid - Loving You so Good (Original Mix)
Maximynus - Divine Flight
McCuemza Isaac\'s - They Say What
Meetsysteem - Geduld (Ranie Ribeiro Remix)
MegaMen, William Rosario, Dj Dimension - OYE ! (After The Storm Mix)
MegaMen, William Rosario, Dj Dimension - OYE ! (Jungle Dub)
Meinfried Zander, Dawood Helmandi - Diamonds (Original Mix)
Meinfried Zander, Dawood Helmandi - I\'ll Send You Roses (Original Mix)
Meinfried Zander, Dawood Helmandi - Pretty Face (Original Mix)
Meinfried Zander, Dawood Helmandi - Tonight (Original Mix)
Melodymann - Feel My Soul
Micheal Artur Koner - Blondie Time
Miguel Rios, Pete T - Alpine Blast (Original Mix)
Milton Gray - Someday (Original Mix)
Mtsepisto - Fortune
Mtsepisto - Plasma
Naazormaker Musiique Sa - Long Story (Naazor Deeper Tech)
Naazormaker Musiique Sa - Superhealer
Naazormaker Musiique Sa, Pearl - Got You (Deeper Chilltune)
Native Tribe - Zone In (Original Mix)
Neuroborus - Anything You Want
Neuroborus - Discoliscio
Neuroborus - Gold Years
Nicolas Parrado - Reborn (Original Mix)
Novastation - Calma
Novastation - Oldies House
Novastation - Selfmade
NtokzeeN - The Realm (Afro Mix)
Orquesta la Perfecta - Fiesta de Carnaval (Original Mix)
Papo Reto - Ordinary
Paradise Nation - Feeling Allright
Paradise Nation - I Not Gonna Miss You
Paradise Nation - Totally Hypnotised
Pedro Duarte, Angelina Caplazi - Missing (Vocal Mix)
Playgate - All The Feels
Playgate - Yellow Paper
Przemaz B - Feel The Funk (Original Mix)
Ray-D - Swing Down (Original Mix)
Realm Of House - Afro Bang (Arawakan Drum Mix)
Renée - Funk d\' Void (Original Mix)
Rich Martinez - Hey
Rick Marshall - I\'ll Be There For You (Original Mix)
River - Fable Five
Romy Makrazzi - Disco Clan
Saint Evo - Osarge (Original Mix)
Sallum - 707 Drum Solo (Original Mix)
Sampladelic - Rock Me Girl (Original Mix)
Sampladelic - Take A Chance On Me (Original Mix)
Scotty Boy, Lizzie Curious - Lost In The Groove (Da Funk Junkies Remix)
Sean Biddle, Alexz - We Got Dis (Original Mix)
Sebastien Dutch - Sodá (Original Mix)
Sine Tunes - Blue Feel
Sine Tunes - Get It Out
Sine Tunes - Gray Horses
Sine Tunes - Sunday Confession
Solique - Kuma (Original Mix)
Soulful-Cafe - Bring on a Change
Soulful-Cafe - Do It Again
Soulful-Cafe - Give Me a Break
Soulful-Cafe - I Just Can\'t Stop
Soulful-Cafe - I See the World
Soulful-Cafe - I Will Need You
Soulful-Cafe - In My City 2
Soulful-Cafe - Let It Go
Soulful-Cafe - My Darkest Night
Soulful-Cafe - She Is Hot
Soulful-Cafe - Smooth Night
Soulful-Cafe - Sweet Love
Soulful-Cafe - To Move On
Soulful-Cafe - You Bring Me Joy
Stereotic - In Reality
Stranger Danger, Nick Garcia - Pianish (Original Mix)
Syncro Shaphe - Disco Shape
Ted Peters, Angellisa - Perfect Life
Ted Peters, Angellisa - Trust
Teddie Corleone, Lisa Angel - America First
The Beat-Trayers - Gettin\' Down (BVP_SSB Drum God ReBump)
The Beat-Trayers - Gettin\' Down (Miggs & Morttaaaaaayyy ReTouch)
The Lab Rats, The Experiment, Lisa Millett - Music Is My Way Of Life (Dr Packer Extended Remix)
The Stoned - Actions (Original Mix)
The Stoned - Can\'t Believe It (Original Mix)
The Stoned - Feelin\' Love & Feelin\' Good (Original Mix)
The Stoned - Have U Noticed (Original Mix)
The Stoned - How Long_ (Original Mix)
The Stoned - People, Let\'s Dance (Original Mix)
The Stoned - Strange (Original Mix)
Those Boys, Lucky - A Woman\'s Worth (Blizzard Beats Deep Fusion Instru Mix)
Those Boys, Lucky - A Woman\'s Worth (Blizzard Beats Deep Fusion Vocal Mix)
Those Boys, Lucky - A Woman\'s Worth
Tony Madrid - Dirty Disco (Original Mix)
T-Phonique, HyperSOUL-X - Burn (Main Mix)
Trigo, T-Man - Ashitwi (Coflo Remix)
Truder Guys - Guessed
Tswex Malabola, Zico House Junkie - Chale (Original Mix)
Vintage Bullet - Club 80
Wil Milton - Distant Dreams (BLISS NYC Deep Mix)
Wil Milton - Distant Dreams (Distant Beats)
Wil Milton - Distant Dreams (Radio Version)
Wil Milton - Distant Dreams (Stripped Down Mix)
Yuichi Inoue, Masmin - Without You (Original Mix)