Wednesday, December 19, 2018


A.Skillz & Beatvandals - Money Banger
Adam Train - All Day (Dark Mix)
Adam Train - All Day (Original Mix)
AIMES - Devious Maneuvers (Steve Cook Remix)
AIMES - Machination (Original Mix)
Alex Stein - Gojira (Original Mix)
Alex Stein - Maelstrom (Original Mix)
Ali X - Fuel Your Passion (Rodion Remix)
Ali X - Pastillitas (Cabaret Nocturne Remix)
Ali X - Pastillitas (Original Mix)
Andre Winter - Lucide (Original Mix)
Andre Winter - Voyeurist (Original Mix)
Badin Brothers - The Stranger (Original Mix)
Basement Freaks, Kamy & Daiva - Bring It Back
Basement Freaks, Kylie Auldist - White Hot (Basement Freaks Remix)
Bassline Road - You Will Find It (Solar Drums Mix)
Bete imaginaire - On The Beach
Blackrachas - Rotary
Boca 45 - Diego's Theme
Breakdown Brass - Mary Jane
Carbalido - Calling For Light
Carlo Ruetz - Divided Universe (Original Mix)
Casey Spillman - District Line (Original Mix)
Casey Spillman - District Line (Tripmastaz Remix)
Casey Spillman - Pulled Over (Original Mix)
Casey Spillman - Take Care (Original Mix)
Chill de Mars - Emotions (Original Mix)
Chill de Mars, Kevin Fauske & Magnus Foss - Emotions (Kevin Fauske & Magnus Foss Remix)
Chris Udoh - Make It
Chrome - Shockwave (feat. Andy Cooper)
Chus & Ceballos - Ain't Nobody
Citizen Kain & Stab Virus - Torium (Citizen Kain Remix)
Collective Machine - Shaker (Matthias Meyer Remix)
Cookin' On 3 Burners - Cars
Copy Paste Soul - State Of Mind (Original Mix)
Darren Emerson - Birdcage (Original Mix)
Darren Emerson - Bub (Original Mix)
Darren Emerson - Creep'in (Original Mix)
Darren Emerson - Dark Matter (Kingpin Cartel Remix)
Darren Emerson - Daschine (Acid Mix)
Darren Emerson - Scratcher (Original Mix)
Darren Emerson - Stop It (Original Mix)
Dawn Again & Rothmans - Fern World (Eddie C's Red Room Remix)
Dee Montero - Pangaea
Demarkus & Lewis - Do Not Attempt to Dance
Distale - Exe (Original Mix)
DJ Format - Diamond Hammer (feat. Abdominal)
Dolls Combers - Don't You Ever Wonder Why
Don Carlos - Take Me Higher (Dave Warrin Soulful Remix)
Dorian Craft - Crying Girl (Dub Mix)
Dorian Craft - Crying Girl (feat. Coco)
Dorian Craft - Crying Girl (Paride Saraceni Mix) (feat. Coco)
Dr Rubberfunk - Pressure Cooker
Ely Bruna - American Boy (Francesco Cofano Saxi Reprise)
Ely Bruna - Found Love (Submantra's Soulful Re-Edit)
Ephemerals & Titeknots - In and Out (Titeknots Dub)
Fat Sushi - Tripod (D-Nox & Spuri Remix)
Fat Sushi - Tripod (Zac Remix)
Fat Sushi - Tripod
Felix Da Housecat - B Brave Feat. Blakk Hazel (Daniel Steinberg Remix)
Felix Da Housecat - Believe (Felix Da Housecat Remix)
Felix Da Housecat - Uneducated Thief (Louie Vega Remix)
Fiend-X - 1_Gm
Finest Wear - Working It
Flevans, Elliott Cole - Two Steps
Flevans, Laura Vane - Who's Got Me
Funky Destination & Soopasoul - The Inside Man (Soopasoul Remix)
G Flame - Turmoil (Original Mix)
Gavin Boyce - City Nights
Gizelle Smith - Hey Romeo
Gizelle Smith - Twelve (J-Funk Edit)
Grijo - Zancle (Dub Mix)
Groove Armada - Disco Insert (Remix)
Hansgod - Scale (Original Mix)
Hollen - Class 88 (Original Mix)
Hollen - Elektron (Original Mix)
Hollen - Space Modular (Original Mix)
Home And Garden - Forever Lonley
Hot Since 82 - Bloodlines
Hot Since 82 - Buggin' (feat. Jem Cooke)
Inigo Vontier - Callejon (Timothy J Fairplay Remix)
Inigo Vontier - Smog (Original Mix)
Izo FitzRoy - Glory Days
Izo FitzRoy - Say Something (Smoove Remix)
J Peen Height - Love in Your Eyes
J Peen Height - Peen in Beat
J Peen Height - Pure Electronik
J Peen Height - Tecnorobotic
Jac The Disco - Inversions (Lauer Remix)
Jansons - Burnin' (Edit)
Jansons - Love the Feeling (Edit)
Jetseb & Aos One - Blue Morning
Jimmy Read - Diamond In The Back (Original Mix)
Jimmy Read - Dont Try Me Baby (Revisit)
Jimmy Read - Gangsta Jazz (Original Mix)
Jimmy Read - I've Got Love For Ya (Original Mix)
Jimmy Read - Keep Movin On (Original Mix)
Jimmy Read - Living In The City (Revisit)
Jimmy Read - The Ethics Of Jazz (Original Mix)
Jimmy Read - We Live (Original Mix)
Joe Silva - The One (Jt Donaldson Beats 'n' Dub)
John Parsley - Schlanke Socke (Original Mix)
John Tejada - Shapeshifter (Original Mix)
Jonathan Cowan - I'm Back (Original Mix)
Josh and Luke - Take Control (Josh's Mix)
JP Soul - Bacchanal (Hardway Bros Remix)
JP Soul - Might As Well (Thomass Jackson Remix)
Kelvin K - Black Music
Khubu - Brandberg (Original Mix)
Khubu - Himba (Original Mix)
Khubu - Moments (Original Mix)
Kirby - Leaves
Kontour Ss - Synthetic Love
Lee Daley - Can't Help It
Linear B - Catching Comets (Original Mix)
Low Manuel - Fishbome (Curses Remix)
LTJ Xperience - Feel the Real (Black Piggy Remix)
Luca M, Badin Brothers - Dance I Say (Original Mix)
Lunare Project - Moonlight (Eric Kupper Remix)
Lupe Fuentes - Move It (Original Mix)
Lupe Fuentes - Work (Original Mix)
Luther Davis - Keep on Dancing
Luther Davis - You
Maidm - B-Boy Shit
Maksim Dark - Attack Disco (Original Mix)
Man2.0 - The Absolute Pain of Not Being in Your Arms (Jason Peters Remix)
Marc Romboy, Petar Dundov - Dimension D
Marc Romboy, Petar Dundov - Meteor Shower
Martin Badder - Lifeline (Deeper Mix)
Martin Badder - Lifeline (Original Mix)
Max Marinacci - Sentiero Negro (Original Mix)
Max Marinacci - You Know What I Mean (Dub)
Max Marinacci - You Know What I Mean (Original Mix)
Mendo - Bella (Original Mix)
Mendo - Haven (Original Mix)
Mijo - Edo Kai Tora (Sascha Funke Remix)
Mijo - Ganz Falsch (Simple Symmetry Remix)
Modeplex - Hourglass (Original Mix)
Modeplex - Jupiter (Original Mix)
Modeplex - Kronos Pearl (Original Mix)
Mr. Bizz - Algarve (Original Mix)
Murat Uncuoglu - Full Of Magic (Original Mix)
Oliver Huntemann - Egoist (Shall Ocin Remix)
Oliver Huntemann - Taktik (Alex Stein Remix)
Olivier Giacomotto - Eake (Original Mix)
Papik - Touch the Sky (Eric Kupper Remix)
Paul Ursin - Space Race (Original Mix)
Pete Moss - The Big Move
Peter O - Keep It Up
Richy Ahmed - Technique (D'julz Remix)
Robert S (PT) - Blackmailer V1 (Andre Crom Remix)
Robert S (PT) - Blackmailer V1 (Original Mix)
Robert S (PT) - Blackmailer V2 (Original Mix)
Robert S (PT) - Red Storms (Original Mix)
Roliva - Neumatico (Pino Remix)
Rudosa - Activated
Rudosa - Hypoxia
Rudosa - It's Time
S3A - Deep Mood Vol 4 (Original Mix)
S3A - End Track For A DJ (Original Mix)
S3A - Premiere Rexidence (Original Mix)
S3A - Searching Force (Original Mix)
Saytek - Marimba Live (Original Mix)
Scott Findley - Midiman
Senzala - Illusions
SHADED - Rippple (Original Mix)
Shiny Objects - Lights of Fire (Man Power Remix)
Sinisa Tamamovic - Acid Trip (Original Mix)
Sleeve - Get It On
Smoove - Big Bird
Smoove - I'm a Man
Smoove - Main Sourced, Pt. 1
Smoove - Showtime Intro
Smoove & Turrell - Beggarman (Crazy P Remix)
Smoove & Turrell - Slow Down
Smoove & Turrell - You Don't Know (Kraak & Smaak Remix)
Smoove, Turrell - Love That Kinda Lie
Solar Shield - Reesis
Soma - Listening Blue Forgivness
Soneec - I Believe (Chrissman Instrumental)
Soneec - I Believe (Chrissman Remix)
Soneec - I Believe (N.W.N. Instrumental)
Soneec - I Believe (N.W.N. Remix)
Sonny Fodera, Shezar - Somebody New
Soopasoul - If It Ain't Funky Back It Up, Pt. 1
Soopasoul - Soul Battle
Steve Bug & Cle - Rise & Shine
Sunmantra - Esoteric (Timothy Clerkin Remix)
Sunmantra - When You Bite My Lips (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix)
Sunmantra - When You Bite My Lips (Original Mix)
The Allergies - Big Bad Woman
The Allergies - Can't Keep Working This Hard
The Allergies, Andy Cooper & Smoove - Run It Back (Smoove Remix)
The Black Mighty Orchestra - Give Me Your Love (DJ Spen & Karizma Vocal Remix on the Beach)
The Soultrend Orchestra - 84 King Street (feat. Groovy Sistas)
The Soultrend Orchestra - King of the Dancefloor (Don Carlos Deep Emotional Remix)
The Soultrend Orchestra - Shiver (Mark Di Meo Remix)
The Soultrend Orchestra - We Use to Live Together (Mark Di Meo Remix)
The Third Degree - Can't Get You out of My Head (Smoove Remix)
The Traffic - Super Freak
Themba - I Will Do Better
Thomas Angstrom - Detoned (Original Mix)
Tom Churchill - Fourplay
Ton Globiter - Equillibrium (Connor Remix)
Torpedo Boyz - Japaneeze Boyz (Smoove Remix)
Uebertribe - Purple Pearl
Vronsky - Cock for Coke
White Soul Project - I'd Like to Be with You
Zakmina - Digital Burn (Fruedenthal Remix)
Zakmina - Digital Burn (Original Mix)
Zakmina - Don't Laugh (Original Mix)